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Ignite Collaboration

Service #1


Supplying business research services, including policy and market intelligence, and potential M&A targets.

Service #2


Leading policy and strategic expertise drives the establishing of innovation for companies, organisations and governments.

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Dialogue the future and create future, jointly achieved on equal standing, by openly exploring ideas and assumptions, without judgement. We focus on common interests, not ...

Research Topics:

  SilkRoad Cooperation offers the possibility for all countries to work together on creating business and trade opportunities. The think tank will be a platform for promoting business and trade and mutual understanding between countries from Europe to Asia and Asia to Africa.

Service #1


Embracing sustainability is not just about managing risks, it is also about finding business opportunities. Discover how to balance Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) ...

Service #2

Green SilkRoad

Business opportunities in the context of Europe’s new Hydrogen Strategy and the creation of a proper hydrogen market in the European Union (EU).

Service #3

Artificial Intelligence

We seek to create new opportunities in various sciences with the help of AI achievements. We believe that many areas in multiple sciences remain untouched ...

Service #4


Contribute to the Technological Transformation by deep tech assessments, partnership repository, and the technical feasibility studies and exploitation of the solutions.

Service #5


Supporting the realisation of companies along the SilkRoad that are utilising BRI infrastructure projects (Funding, Financing, Financial Support).

Service #6

International Relations

The think tank will provide a platform for promoting opportunities and mutual understanding between countries from Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

Innovation By Connecting Knowledge!