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Dialogue the Future and Create Future

While competition is healthy and should be respected 

collaboration is critical to our future and should be protected.

No monologues, but dialogues and real conversation 

Real conversation catches fire.

  1. Influence inquires more intuition than intellect.
  2. Influence requires a gentle hand
  3. Take interest in others interest 

Dialogue Paths

SilkRoad Cooperation helps companies, organizations and governments build partnerships. The Think Tank is committed to enhanced trade and economic relations as well as scholarly communication, collaborative innovation and research, and educational interchange between all the Belt and Road countries.

  • Publications
  • Media / PR
  • Events
  • Education

Our publications are to develop frameworks and roadmaps for promoting innovation, supporting transfer and mobilization of intellectual property, and encouraging technology transfer and business creation.


We provide a virtual space for a wide range of professionals related to the media and PR industry, including:
• Media, advertising, marketing, PR
• Digital platform professionals
• Regulators, policymakers, trade organisations
• Consultants, lawyers, innovators
• Academics, NGO's
Connect, stay up-to-date, collaborate.


Our events provide solution and service providers with customised and private business development platforms. We work with a range of corporates, industry associations and government agencies across the globe to conceptualize and execute. Tailor-made events to suit your requirements where you can present your solutions, network and discuss business with highly targeted buyers comprising of decision makers and influencers.


We focus on building bridges – exchanging thoughts, creating dialogues and promoting mutual understanding.
SilkRoad Cooperation is a strong supporter of SMEs as they are the backbone of all economies.

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    Dialogue is Key for Building Bridges