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What is the procedure to join SilkRoad Cooperation?

How Do You Work with Sponsors and Donors?

Our Charter Sponsors and Donors will receive the benefits described in the attached memorandum in appreciation for their tax-deductible contributions to the SilkRoad Cooperation. We would be pleased to meet with you and welcome your ideas and suggestions. We can arrange for a meeting to discuss on your ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to our future discussions.

Why do you focus on SMEs instead of large corporates?

SMEs are the foundation of the global economy and a source of innovation and entrepreneurship. They make their strategic decisions on the company’s best long-term interest and are open to expansion and see their shift in the future markets. The think tank plans to construct a platform where Eurasian SMEs can nurture wealth through cooperation and trade. 

What is your focus area?

The Think Tank is intended to operate as an entity involving sponsors, research institutions, scholars, and other stakeholders, to provide world-class  research, analysis and consulting services for companies, organizations and governments. SilkRoad Cooperation’s comparative advantages include the unsurpassed experience and expertise of its co-founders and its prestigious International Advisory Board. The SilkRoad Cooperation will focus on five critically important domains:  (1) Trade and Transport (2) Deep Tech (including mobility, AI, quantum computing, semiconductors) (3) Healthcare (bio-med and med-tech) (4) Advance New Materials; and  (5) Sustainable NEXUS: Food, Water, Energy (UN SDG Agenda 2030) The programs will embrace not only EU-China ...

What is the positioning of SilkRoad Cooperation?

The think tank will mobilize the technology, innovation and entrepreneurial power by creating an Innovation Path along the SilkRoad countries and Innovation Bridge between Europe and China, along the Belt-and-Road and in the RCEPcountries. The think tank is specifically supportive of the construction of the EU-China Digital Silk Road. SilkRoad Cooperation is committed to transforming and upgrading the technological levels and innovation ecology of enterprises, R&D labs, science & technology centres, and research institutes. SilkRoad Cooperation is perfectly positioned to leverage and facilitate such new forms of East-West collaboration and exchange. Surprisingly, there is no comparable think tank anywhere in ...

How do you engage in collaborative research and other forms of cooperation?

The think tank will also engage in collaborative research and other forms of cooperation with key global academic and research institutions, particularly those in Europe and China. SilkRoad Cooperation will work on joint collaborations with leading Eurasian universities, colleges, institutes and think tanks, including working partnerships with global organizations from Greater China. The activities will include its research programs; educational and executive training programs; participation in capacity-building programs; establishing visiting scholars and fellow programs; as well as hosting annual international conferences. 

What are the SilkRoad Cooperation services?

The think tank will also work with Eurasian governments and regional/international organizations on behalf of its sponsors and clients, including in the areas of commercial diplomacy. Such governmental and inter-governmental liaison will include legal and policy advice, treaty, legislative, and regulatory drafting, reform, and review capabilities, technical assistance/capacity-building, and workshops and conferences on international economic, trade, and business law, policy, and practice. SilkRoad Cooperation will also provide an array of strategic advisory services for its sponsors and clients, specifically tailored to fit the needs of European firms looking to expand their business in the Belt-and-Road countries. In addition to liaison ...

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