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Hydrogen - Renewable Energy


Business opportunities in the context of Europe’s new Hydrogen Strategy and the creation of a proper hydrogen market in the European Union (EU).

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EU Hydrogen strategy & business opportunities
Few months ago the EU has placed renewable hydrogen at the very core of its energy strategy with the aim of achieving its ambitious goal of climate neutrality by 2050. The objective of the strategy is to support the development of an integrated hydrogen market and global hydrogen trade system. To this end, the EU will implement an unprecedented financial support package, while setting up a new regulatory framework for the production, transport and trade of renewable hydrogen in the EU.

These developments run in parallel with strategies being implemented at national level in several EU countries such as France and Germany.
In the context of these strategies and plans, the future development of the European hydrogen market offers a very large range of business opportunities for non-EU companies, which are expected to play an important role in the development of the future hydrogen market. Those opportunities include technology transfer, investment in European green production, export of green hydrogen to the European market, access to EU research and innovation funds, and others.

Possible Collaboration

We have an outstanding track records of results achieved for clients operating in extremely complex political, regulatory and economic environments. Through our presence in Brussels and most European capitals, as well as in the Middle East, South and East Asia and the US, we can help companies deploy or expand their business in Europe and internationally, covering main areas of interest, from business intelligence & strategy to the establishment of institutional relations and networks.

  • Understand & analyse ongoing and future European legislative and non-legislative developments, when necessary Influence relevant political and regulatory developments, which impact the future of your business
  • Position your business and develop professional networks with decision makers, trade associations and stakeholder organisations in the EU Member States. Africa, The Middle East and Asia via SilkRoad Cooperation initiatives as an innovative powerhouse and partner of policy makers
  • Connecting knowledge. with diplomacy, cultural understanding and providing professional services, business and market intelligence; and at the same time develop networks with decision makers, trade associations and stakeholder organisations. 
  • Investor Relations - building the framework, establishing solid relations, and creating partnerships that are accretive to value.

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