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Kenya Healthcare


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Targeted Communities Fight Against HIV in Africa

Adapting Care and Treatment - HIV affecting a certain targeted group in Kenya.

The Consortium aims to foster a better understanding of poverty-related infectious diseases and to demonstrate innovative solutions to adaptive care and treatment for the targeted communities in Kenya in preventing and treating poverty-related infectious diseases. The Consortium will focus on HIV-related care and treatment as sub-Saharan Africa is one of the hardest hit regions. Although evidence suggests that the epidemic has been stable and, in some instances, declining, emerging data indicate that the Covid-19 pandemic is gradually reversing the gains made, directly and indirectly. There is an urgency to ensure not only that the reversal of efforts is contained, but also achieve rapid progress and impact. The Consortium will work on developing a new, low-cost, easy-to-implement solutions for improved delivery of medical interventions for vulnerable targeted population. When the concept is successfully demonstrated, it will be rolled out to other parts of Kenya and to neighbouring countries.

project will focus on addressing the following:

Combine health technologies with other scientific areas such as mobile technologies and digital technologies (mHealth and eHealth), big data processing, and other emerging technologies.
Implement one or more medium-scale clinical trials and/or clinical research studies that can deliver the proof-of-concept or validate smart, highly innovative health technologies or concepts to prevent and treat HIV in Kenya, drawing lessons from the COVID-19 experience.

Increase collaboration with investors in development cooperation and international partnerships to create solutions for improved development or delivery of medical interventions.

Proposals involving pharmaceutical companies and small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged.

Develop solutions that are easily integrated or linked to existing electronic or digital systems that are used in the implementation of clinical research and health systems’ patient management.
Promote the integration of research work and health care service delivery.


Support the Initiative

The Consortium is looking for scientists, research institutes and SMEs to build a strong consortium, to improve clinical research capacities and strengthened infrastructures for clinical research, development and implementation in sub-Saharan Africa, a new, low-cost, easy-to-implement solutions for improved delivery of medical interventions for vulnerable populations in low-income settings. Let us know if you are interested in joining us in improving the lives of those living with HIV in Africa.


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