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The SilkRoad Cooperation (SRC) aims to create a new model for a new era – a novel, dynamic, action-oriented think tank facilitating advisory, communication, commercial dialogue, research, and sustainability through the promotion of knowledge, trade, innovation, and culture via collaboration and exchange along the SilkRoad.

Our vision is to build an international, beyond the state-of-the-art, digitally- driven, and business-affiliated think tank that focuses on Europe’s most important future relationships by promoting positive synergies.

We stand for innovation by interchange and cooperation between Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, including all Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) countries.
The mission of SRC is to mobilize entrepreneurial power for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by creating an Innovation Path along the SilkRoad and building an Innovation Bridge from Europe to the RCEP countries.

The think tank is designed to connect creativity, science, and efficiency and ignite and nurture international dialogues and exchanges with a commitment to breakthroughs in research, trade facilitation, multi-cultural communication, training, and education.

We are dedicated to transforming and upgrading the technological levels and innovation ecology of enterprises, R&D labs, science & technology centers, and research institutes.

The world is not only changing but changing faster than ever before. Billions of people digitally hyper-connect to each other in an unprecedented global network, allowing for an almost instantaneous and frictionless spread of ideas and innovations.

Combine this with rapidly changing demographics, shifting values and attitudes, growing political changes, and exponential advances in technology, and we will bear witness to global historical transformation in the next one or two decades.

So how does one make sense of a world immersed in complexity and a fast- paced sea of change?
With change comes opportunity. Through the think tank’s digital platform, SMEs can nurture wealth through open collaboration and cooperation.

SRC focuses on SMEs as they are the backbone of the global economy and the source of innovation and entrepreneurship.
The think tank, together with its international affiliates along the SilkRoad and RCEP region, and armed with unsurpassed experience and expertise, will work independently and impartially to provide an array of strategic advisory services and build partnerships on behalf of SMEs, sponsors, members, and governments, that is specifically tailored to their needs. SRC will also engage with multilateral forums, such as the World Young Scientists Summit (WYSS), World Trade Organization (WTO), and United Nations (UN) agencies.

Our dream is to bring science and business together, not only within Europe but along the SilkRoad working symbiotic on research, ideas, and sustainable solutions.

We work on a structured platform where a research team can discuss studies about different challenging but also marketable issues - utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to design or model an efficient, novel solution to be in line with global, multi-lateral ESG requirements.

We are committed to enhanced trade and economic relations, scholarly communication, collaborative innovation and research, and educational interchange between countries. The think tank will also engage in collaborative research and cooperation with globally recognized global academics, research institutions, and other think tanks, including working partnerships with international organizations.