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SME - Small and Medium Businesses


Small and Medium Businesses are the Backbone of our Economy

SilkRoad Cooperation is a strong supporter of SMEs as they are the backbone of all economies. According to the World Bank, SMEs account for the majority of businesses worldwide and are important contributors to job creation and global economic development. Unlike large corporations, SMEs are entrepreneurial, pragmatic, decisive, open to mergers and acquisitions and/or joint ventures, more export oriented and tend to be less politically driven. Currently China and most of the countries along the silk road and RCEP tend to focus more on cooperating with large corporations. SilkRoad Cooperation takes it upon itself to shed some light on the benefits of SMEs working together through technology guidance, adjustment of value chain and new partnerships.

The think tank will concentrate on investments along the Belt & Road and RCEP countries, not only on infrastructure, but also on trade and technology for SMEs. The think tank will help SMEs raise funds for cooperative projects, in the hope to create a climate where the Asians can be shareholders of European companies and vice versa. The SilkRoad Cooperation hopes that this will not only create economic wealth for Eurasia but also foster better understanding of each other. This will be the recipe for sustainable growth and peace.


As SME Take Your Chance Along the SilkRoad