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We bring an entirely new perspective to integrating advisory, research, data and international pixie dust to generate more of what matters: Results.

Cultivate Partnerships

Our company is directly Cultivating Partnerships by actively seeking and nurturing relationships that span continents, focusing on shared goals and mutual growth.

Focussing on Business

By Focusing on Business, we prioritize actionable insights and strategic implementations that drive tangible results, ensuring that our partners are equipped to thrive in dynamic markets.

Harmonizing Strategies

Through Harmonizing Strategies, we align diverse business practices and objectives into cohesive, impactful plans, leveraging the strengths of each region we operate in. Bridging Cultures is central to our ethos.

Tailormade Solutions

We facilitate a deep understanding and respect among diverse partners, fostering an environment where Tailored Collaboration models are celebrated, leading to innovative solutions and enriched business landscapes.

“We are in the business of crafting success for our clients and partners by unwavering support and commitment to their goals despite potential complexities or challenges.”

Stephan Horvath SilkRoad Cooperation


In a dynamic and interconnected world, the pursuit of progress encompasses a multitude of activities that are vital for driving forward-thinking initiatives and fostering growth. Thereby providing the necessary support and environment for these collaborative ideas to flourish and make a tangible impact in the world.

  • Infrastructure

    Recognizing the significance of bolstering infrastructure initiatives, we leverage our proficiency and incorporate cutting-edge technologies to unite partners in fulfilling…

  • OA MedTech

    The company has pioneered a biotech-driven medical device in the form of a syringe, designed to extract optimal quantities of…

  • Hi-Tech

    We bring the best international projects in science and technology, offering a platform for ground-breaking ideas and innovations worldwide. This…

  • Solar Plants

    The company is currently strategizing a pilot initiative in Hong Kong. The corporation is offering a majority stake in an…

  • AI-powered Early Cancer Detection

    AI-powered Early Cancer Detection With more than 20 million new cases in 2022 and 9.8 million deaths, cancer remains one…

  • AI-powered Sepsis Project

    The “flight simulator” for sepsis treatment Sepsis, more commonly known by the public as blood poisoning, is probably one of…

  • Carbon Credit

    Unlocking Potential: Global Carbon Credits Market By anchoring these assets in the esteemed Hong Kong Stock Exchange and weaving a…


Our unique selling proposition lies in our capacity to effectively address complex, complicated and connected challenges. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be renowned along the Silk Road countries as a leading boutique advisory, cultivating innovative and collaborative synergies across pivotal regions.

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on catalysing innovation and connectivity between Europe and RCEP countries through a fusion of creativity, science, and effective communication.

Our Values

We are leveraging a bespoke blend of cultural intelligence and technical expertise, we craft tailormade strategies for ground-breaking innovations that transcend traditional barriers.

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In a dynamic and interconnected world, the pursuit of progress encompasses a multitude of activities that are vital for driving forward-thinking initiatives and growth.

Connecting in a 
Complex, Complicated World

Companies currently face unprecedented challenges on a global scale, these challenges are often cross-disciplined: 

Complicated, Complex, and Connected Challenges? We solve it!

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Countries Worked With


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In a connected world, progress is driven by ‘Connecting Knowledge’, this sharing of insights lead to ‘Meaningful Dialogues’ and ‘Commercial Diplomacy’. This leads to innovative concepts and successful collaboration.


It’s not about the #Hashtag, it’s about the Relationship! 

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