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With over 20 years of experience creating understanding between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Cooperation Contact Us
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Committed to enhanced trade and economic relations, scholarly communication, collaborative innovation and research. Innovation Contact Us
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Why SilkRoad Cooperation

Ideas and innovation drive our future: primarily via science, business transformation, and cultural exchange. Unlock the business potential of innovation by combining strategy, technology, and marketing. These activities will lead to higher competitiveness and, finally, to a superior trade performance, the base for faster growth. Today the challenges to companies are complex, complicated, and connected. The new SilkRoad will be the economic triangle of the future. Spanning from the frozen landscape of Greenland in the west to Vladivostok in the east, to down south, passing the entire RCEP area before reaching the shores of windy New Zealand; then head back up north and gently touching the grass in east Africa before returning to Europe.


Policy & Strategy – We are experts in business research and analytics with vast experience. That means you will get the right solution, from well-connected teams.


Accelerate Innovation

SilkRoad Journey – Our associates and professional teams have many years of international experience. You can access the right information along the SilkRoad journey.


Connecting Knowledge

SMEs & Innovation – Intelligence and Insights on government actions, foreign policy, economy, and markets with a business- and data-driven and also strategic-political approach.


Ignite Innovation


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About Our Team


Our multidisciplinary team of professionals have built an enviable reputation in the consumer goods, heavy industry, high-tech, manufacturing, medical, recreational vehicle, and our transportation sectors.

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